What’s New in version 4.1.5


Mac Only:

    Fixed the starting size of the Username, Server and Bindings buttons at the top of the window. They were not sizing correctly on macOS 13 if it was a fresh install with no configuration.

    Fixed starting initial size of main window. Value was too small and causing problems on macOS 13 and newer systems.

    Fixed mouse hover over URL link in comments not working.



What’s New in version 4.1.4

Mac Only:

    The following bug fixes are required to address issues that are specific to macOS 13 (Ventura) or newer.

    Fixed bug causing the toolbar and mutebar to be the wrong size causing the main window to be visually distorted.

    Fixed bug while reading theme information causing the background to show as black when using the Classic theme and the "Side button icons" appearance.

    Fixed bug preventing text windows Global Chat, Private Chat and Deferred Message from auto scrolling.


What’s New in version 4.1.3


Windows Specific:

    Fixed manually selecting font size and font name in the Setup-GUI tab. Sometimes the font name was not selected.

    Now supports ARM64 based processors for Windows. Version 4.1.2.

    Modified to detect the system configured for font size drawing larger than normal while maintaining selected point size. This helps when using a 4K monitor and the user selected to oversize the font display. This was not a problem on Mac platform.

    Fixed minor bug preventing the program from starting.


Theme Tech:

    Added support for reflecting keyboard events up to the theme system.

    Added bitwise manipulation to INI++, & &= | |=

    Added series of #define VK_??? macros. Similar to those used in Windows programming. See theme Examp-Flicker / Keyboard Input appearance for an example.

    Added math library functions to INI++ such as sin, cos, tan, cot, sqrt, pow, log, etc. See theme Examp-Flicker / Math Library appearance for an example.

    Added #import directive.

    Added support and < > around #import/#include file names to specify a file in the default theme.

    Added math.inipp to default theme.

    Added vk.inipp to default theme.

    Modified VTP's to support animated GIF files in the publish folder.


New Themes:

Updated Themes:


What’s New in version 4.1.1

All Platforms:

    Fixed bug in logging system.

    Fixed TTS messages ignoring the Mute Sound option.

    When you download a file that was sent to you via File Transfer the log file will show what folder it came from rather than the generic name (Files sent to you).

    Fixed bug writing 64bit values to INI files.

    Added High Contrast / Dark Mode support.

    Modified Global Chat so that the theme can send messages to it. Local only.

    Fixed Send button disabled in a Deferred Message window when Shift-Right Clicking on a user name in a Channel Window.

Mac Specific:

    Fixed problem with server ping causing extra repaints of the entire client window.

    Modified to support natively the Apple Silicon processors. This makes the client a Universal build and supports both ARM and Intel processors.

    Modified to use newer API's to properly support Apple Silicon.

    Intel build requires a minimum of macOS 10.9. Installer prevents installation on anything older than 10.9.

    Added missing support for key combo Command-U to copy the selected users URL to the clipboard.

    Updated program entitlements to be more compliant with latest OS security features.

    Updated to use Apple's new Code Signing system.

    Modified File Transfer to write an Extended Attribute to the downloaded file indicating that it came from the internet. This is used by the OS to ask if you are sure you want to use it.

Theme Tech:

    New theme programming language: INI++, pronounced ( In E Plus Plus ).

    Object creation, deletion.

    Deferred execution.


    Advanced signaling between fibers using event semaphores.

    Playback of wave files.

    Dynamic generation of Text-To-Speech (TTS) messages.

    Member, flicker, application, window and system variables.

New Themes:

Updated Themes:

What’s New in version 4.1.0


All Platforms:

    Dragging a file from the Windows Explorer (or Mac Finder) into the Ventrilo main window will automatically open the File Transfer window.

    Modified "SCP > View Optional Windows > Log File" to detect the shift key being held down and will delete the log file rather than opening it. Useful for Theme Designers who want to empty the log quickly.

    Fixed the SCP display code for each SCP button when in theme designer mode. The codes were wrong when set to "View  > Display Controls".

    Modified Pending Messages window to include the new option "Repeat audio notification" so that an audio reminder will be played if messages are still pending. Useful when screen saver kicks in and you were not available when messages arrived.

    Added support for High Contrast mode in Windows and Dark Mode in MacOS. However, it will require that you restart the theme after the Dark > Light or Light > Dark mode change. This is meant mostly when using the Default theme. To restart, hold down the Control key while clicking the Red-X in the title bar (not to be confused with the double-X in the toolbar which is a QUIT button).

    Modified Record / Playback window so that if the Control key is held while clicking the Open button it will open the location of the file in Windows Explorer / Mac Finder instead of showing a file open dialog.

    Modified "Setup > Speech" to play an example of the selected voice when it is changed or re-selected. The SFX, Rate and Volume changes will be applied at the same time.

    Modified TTS (Text-To-Speech) to replace the whole URL with just the word "URL" before speaking, rather than trying to speak the actual URL.

    Modified the Screen-shot option to detect the shift key being pressed and take the screen-shot immediately instead of the default 5 second delay.

    Modified .VTSCRIPT to support moving the file to Recycle-bin / Trash instead of deleting it after uploading. See "Upload-trash" vs. "Upload-purge".

    Added new theme technology called Flicker.

    Updated Opus codec.

Windows Specific:

    Installs a shell extension that can be used from Windows Explorer (file browser). In Windows Explorer, right-click on a file and select "Send To", then select "Ventrilo File Transfer". The File Transfer window will automatically open with the specified "File name" field filled in.

    Modified the Windows sound playback system to correct problems when using the SFX-Compressor option. This resulted in a redesigned sound output system.

    Registry redirection for User specific preferences such as preferred browser, email, and steam:// style links. Also modified to detect a change in a previously authorized link style and will ask for re-authorization.

    Fixed SFX window so that Info Box will scroll vertically.

Mac Specific:

    Modified "Setup > Speech" so that the voice list is sorted by language rather than just the name of the voice.

    Modified "Setup > Speech" to use system based example text when selecting a new voice. The spoken example will be specific to the language rather than always being in English.

New Themes:

Updated Themes:

What’s New in version 4.0.3


All Platforms:

    Added support for scripting commands such as automated recording and file uploads. See documentation for ".VTSCRIPT" files.

    Added support for launching external applications when a URL link is using protocols other than http. For example, a steam:// protocol link that starts a steam based game. This applies to any protocol that has a defined handler installed on your system.

    Modified popup menu in main tree window to place a check mark on the Misc > Phantom option if you have a phantom in the selected channel.

    Fixed bug in SRV Record name resolution so that the program does not try resolving the full name using normal DNS before performing a lookup in SRV Records. In the example: host.domain.com the "host" part is not required to exist as a normal A Record.

    Modified Private Chat / Deferred Message / Global Chat / RCon to allow sizing the input field for more viewable space. Also modified it so that the input field and scroll field font sizes can be increased or decreased by clicking the fields once and then holding down the control key and scrolling the mouse wheel up and down. These settings are remembered for each individual window.

    Modified Record / Playback window so that if you press the Control key while clicking the "Close" button the internal recording will be closed and discarded making it easier to delete the file using your systems file browser.

    Modified recording so that a continuous stream will be automatically tagged every 10 minutes. This prevents the slow consumption of memory from such streams.

    Modified the main window tree to test for the shift key while right-clicking on a user name. This will force a Deferred Message window to automatically open for the selected User.

    Modified the receiving audio buffer to prevent clipping if the transmitter released the PTT key too quickly.

Windows Specific:

    Double-clicking on a VTP that is not in the normal location will display a window asking if you would like to import the theme to your Themes folder.

    Pressing the Menu/Apps button on the keyboard will display the popup menu the same way right-clicking does.

    Modified ( Private Chat / Deferred Message / Global Chat / MOTD / Guest MOTD ) to pop-up a menu when a link is clicked giving the User an option to copy the link to the clipboard or to open the link as is.

Mac Specific:

    Added support for the Apple Touch Bar which permits the User to interact with the Ventrilo client while running in the background. Watch the demonstration video.

    Modified File Transfer window so that the filename and recipients windows are selectable allowing for copying their contents to the clipboard.

    Modified so that the application will automatically request access to the Microphone. This is needed starting with OSX 14.

Theme Designer Options:

    Added new XMIT property to "Img" commands.

    Added SbcObscureRight

    Added SbcObscureBottom

    Added BrdTitlePosSize

New Themes:

Updated Themes:


What’s New in version 4.0.2

All platforms:

    Support for more advanced themes. See "Theme Designers" further down for details.

    Modified Theme Designer window:

      Added "Draw Advanced Button hit boxes".

      Window will be restored if it was open when you quit the program.

      Fixed bug creating a VTP if "Ignore unsupported files" was checked.

    When the normal Toolbar is hidden by an advanced theme the new Disconnect button will display the current ping value when the cursor hovers over it.

    Modified main window to display a balloon detailing theme features when the theme is changed.

    Fixed problem of toolbar and mutebar vertical sizes calculated incorrectly when the window position has a negative vertical location on the desktop. This is possible on dual monitor systems that are stacked vertically instead of horizontally and the monitor on top is negative relative to the monitor on the bottom.

    The built-in "Classic" theme now has two new appearances which include the old version 3 style side buttons. One is text buttons like v3 and the other uses Icons. They both use the new Panel system.

    Modified File Transfer to update status every 2 seconds instead of 5 seconds.

    When selecting a target User for a Deferred Message or File Transfer the window now remembers the last known sort order selected by the User.

    The User selected in the main window tree will be the default selected user name when sending a Deferred Message.

    Modified the Pending Message popup window to have a new check box "Use pop up menu when message button clicked". When this option is checked a popup menu will be displayed instead of the window and will show relevant pending notifications.

    Modified Menu/SCP option "Miscellaneous - Copy comment URL" to work when a channel is selected in addition to users.

    Renamed the "Error Message List" window to be called "Message List" so that it can be used generically.

    Fixed channel editor bug allowing selection of the RAW wave codec that doesn’t have any formats due to server side bandwidth configuration.

    Fixed bug when channel windows are minimized and clicking the OK button in Setup causes them to reappear.

    Created new "Examp-" themes to demonstrate the new 4.0.2 features. Not refined for everyday use. Also included a skeleton example.

    When Theme Designer mode is enabled a real Side Control Panel will display its function code at the end of flyover text.

    Added support for Theme update checks. With the new theme Panels and Border buttons we will be updating some of the older themes to take advantage of the new features.

Mac Specific:

    Mac: Fixed URL links in scrolling fields not being detected correctly.

    Mac: Fixed bug when closing a master window that had channel window minimized not correctly closing the channel window.

Theme Designers:

    Created Advanced Button controls.

    Support for Panels.

    Support for Border buttons.

    Advanced Button versions of select SCP functions can now be added to Panels or Borders. The SCP functions added are at the theme designer’s discretion. Flagship industries has standardized on 5 specific functions:

      Work Dir
      File transfer
      Private Chat
      Deferred message
      Mute user.

    Added Pan??? keys to themes. Adds an Advanced Button to a Panel.

    Added Brd??? Keys to themes. Adds an Advanced Button to the Border.

    Added SCP# keys to [MainBorder] and [Panel] topics.

    Added AllowChannel key to [Main] topic. Prevents the specified appearance being used as a channel appearance.

    Added HideBar key to [MainToolbar], [MainMute] and [MainBorder] topics. This allows the designer to hide the normal toolbar, mutebar and titlebars respectively.

    Added HideButtons key to [MainMute] and [MainBorder] topics. This prevents the old buttons from being displayed if you do not use the HideBar option.

    Added SizeVert key to [MainMute] forcing the mute bar to be a specific vertical size.

    Added FolderBrd key [MainToolbar], [MainMute] and [MainBorder] topics to override the folder for finding advanced buttons being used by Brd??? keys.

    Added FolderPan key [MainToolbar], [MainMute] and [MainBorder] topics to override the folder for finding advanced buttons being used by Pan??? keys.

    Added PanelList key to [Main] to specify topic names of specific panels for this window.

    Added support for themes to use #define and #undefmod C-Style directives. Very useful to simplify multiple appearances. Download the themes "Examp-DefineHelpers" or "Examp-MultiMute" for example usage.

New Themes:

Updated Themes:

Alien Terminal

New appearance "Modular Terminal".


New appearances "Border Baubles" and "Inset Border Baubles"

Hexes Abound

New appearance "Hexed Buttons".


Dog appearance modified to use panels.


New appearances for several color variants. "Floating Interface" and "Rune Controls".

Topical Island

New appearance "Coconut Menu".


New appearance "Advanced Interface"

Example Themes for Designers:

What’s New in version 4.0.1

All Platforms:

    Added support for double clicking VTP (theme) files to change the active theme of the last known active main window. Dragging is still supported.

    Added support for double clicking VRF (recording) files to open the recording window of the last known active main window. Dragging is still supported.

    Added system Icons for VRF files.

    Modified Server Browser to support the servers that use SRV Records.

    Modified Server Browser to respond faster when detecting that a server is not responding.

    Fixed potential dead-lock when shutting down the client.

    Fixed inconsistent behavior relating to the default Ventrilo Event Text (VET) file.

    Modified User notification message when connecting to an incompatible server.

    Modified upgraded and new installations to default the SCP indicators so that they both use overlay mode.

    Fixed deferred messages to display the correct color indicators showing who the message is from if the new message arrives while the window is already open.

    Fixed upgrade / install initial help balloons confusing the interface if the user clicked the extended mode button.

    Fixed exporting a VRF file to WAV file so that if the wave file is larger than 4GB the remainder will be clipped.

    Fixed focus issue in Private Chat window if input string is empty.

    Fixed issue with Deferred Message window not playing the 'new message' sound when the window is already open.

    Fixed Logitech display not showing Users connecting to server.

Windows Specific:

    Fixed possible hardware support dead-lock.

    Fixed issue of windows not saving size / position during certain conditions.


Mac Specific:

    Modified SRV Record lookup to be as fast as the Windows client.

    Fixed some borders not displaying correctly when scaling up and down.

    Fixed some rich-edit style windows not resetting their content correctly.

    Fixed issue of window not minimizing on OSX 10.13 or newer. Problem did not exist on OSX 10.12 or older.

    Minor tweak to the use of Cocoa API that should offer some slight improvement to rendering performance.


What’s New in version 4.0.0


  • The number of changes made to Version 4 are too numerous to mention and would read like a novel. The following is a brief highlight of some of the major changes.

  • The new default transmit indicator is "Flash User Name", located in Setup > GUI. It is recommended that Avatars be enabled and User Icons be disabled.
  • Themes

    Multiple Themes are included with the ability to create your own. Re-sizing the window on some themes will reveal additional effects. Additional Themes are available for download from the Themes Library. Some themes may require an increase in the font size or setting the font to "bold" mode.

    NOTE: Per theme/appearance allows irregular shaped windows and per-pixel alpha/transparency

  • Multiple Main-Window breakout

    Multiple server connections can now be implemented by opening new Main-Windows.

  • User Profile bind key

    Hitting the defined bind key will open a new Main-Window for the User-Name associated with that bind key. NOTE: If the same User-name is associated with multiple servers then the "Description" option in User-name setup needs to have a unique description assigned for every bind key with that name that is created. The description will be displayed in parentheses after the User-name.

  • Multiple Channel-Window breakout

    Individual channels can now be displayed in separate windows. Drag-drop the channel name to the window.

  • Side Control Panels (SCP)

    Main window "right-click" options are now available as buttons on either side of the Main and Channel window. Right-click on the SCP to select a view option.

  • Press and hold the Mute Bar menu button for half a second to automatically open a new SCP window. Menu Button option is enabled in the Setup > GUI tab.
  • Push-To-Talk button has been added to the Mute bar at the bottom of the window.
  • Targeted File Transfer

    Files can be sent to other Users whether they are online or offline. File options include "Delete after all recipients have downloaded", "save the file in server Memory" (instead of on the server hard drive), and "mark the file as Private".

  • Avatars

    Users can now select, download, or create their own Avatars.

  • Registered Users on the server can change their password from the Server setup window.
  • Display as tree
  • This option will display sub-channels in an indented view. When unchecked the channels will be displayed in single column left-justified mode.

  • Digital Signature

    This feature replaces your current password, or an existing signature, with a new Digital Signature that will make it impossible for anyone to guess your login information. 

  • Deferred Messaging

    Messages can be sent to other Users if they are offline.  They will be notified of pending messages when they next login.

  • Opus Codec support

    The Speex codec has been replaced with the Opus codec.
    Formats = 8KHz mono, 12KHz mono/stereo, 16KHz mono/stereo, 24KHz mono/stereo, 48KHz mono/stereo

    NOTE: Any stereo source transmitted on a mono codec are combined into a mono signal.

  • Wireless Headset (bluetooth) support

    This option, located in Setup > Devices, will keep the device stream connected after the first audio signal is sent to it. Otherwise, the device will close the connection and it might take up to 2 seconds for the device to re-open and receive the audio.

  • Channel configuration option to hide the visible transmit indication

    This option will not display any indication of Users who are transmitting to other Users that are not in that channel.

  • Ducking support for voice-activation

    Ducking now supports Users with voice-activation enabled.

  • Theme-based system tray icon (Windows)

    The icon will flash upon receiving a deferred-message or file-transfer notification when the main window is minimized.

  • Spotify integration data displayed in Mac client
  • Channel / User comments with a URL included are now displayed as an underlined link. Hover the cursor over the link to display the URL. Control-click the link to send the URL to the default browser.
  • Application event sounds are now stored in the Documents\VentriloData\Wav\AppEvents folder which is always unique to each system login account.  Each time the program starts it will check this folder for any missing files and install a default version of each file name. If the file already exists it will NOT be refreshed from the program. This allows the User to create their own version of each event sound.
  • Main Window Font attributes

    Font attributes (style, size, color, etc.) can be changed for Channel, User, Comment, Integration.  The font size can be changed temporarily using the key commands listed below.

  • Admin of Server Admins (Server > User Editor)

    If checked this account will be logged in as a Super Admin (aka: God Mode). Be careful when giving Users this permission as they will have absolute control of the server including the ability to modify and / or delete the regular Server Admins.

  • Unicode support
  • The "Lobby" has been converted to a pseudo-channel. Channel Admin for the Lobby can be assigned to Users which allows Channel Admins to move Users to the Lobby (if the Channel Admin has the "Move users" permission).
  • Version 4 executable is located in Windows directory \Program Files\VentriloPro\ . All other associated files are now located in \Documents\VentriloData\  (also in \Documents\VentriloData\ on Mac OSX)
  • Server setup now supports SRV record lookup. See SRV Record Lookup for more information. MAC OSX will have a short delay before populating the IP/Port information while resolving the Hostname before connecting.
  • Main window size / location is now saved for each server name that is selected.
  • Chat window character limit has been increased for Global / Private / Deferred Message.  Also, 'CTRL + Enter' will issue a CR/LF allowing multiple lines to be entered without performing the "send" function.
  • Users that are muted will still be recorded when using the "Record" function. Users that are "Globally Muted" will NOT be recorded.
  • Server Rcon Commands

    LOGGREP command has been enhanced. Type "loggrep -?" to display more options.

    New FX command for "File Transfer" options. Type "fx" to display more options.

  • Setup will remember the last tab that was viewed for each Main Window since the program was started.

Keyboard Commands - Main and Channel windows

  • Alt + * (Windows)
  • Command + * (Mac)
  • Moves the selection bar to your login name. If performed in a channel window that does not contain your name a bell will sound.

  • Control + F or F3

    Opens a search window to locate any line that contains the specified text. Pressing F3 after performing a search will find the next occurrence. Use Ctrl-F to change search criteria.

  • Control + Close Window

    Holding the control key while clicking the "X" close window icon will restart the associated main window and all of its ancillary windows. This is meant for Theme Designers to reload the currently selected theme after making changes to the graphics or its script. This also has the effect of restarting your connection and resetting everything associated with the selected main window.

  • Control + C (Windows)
  • Command + C (Mac)

    Copies the comment and integration part of the selected name to the clipboard.

  • Control + U (Windows)
  • Command + U (Mac)

    Copies the URL part of a comment of the selected name to the clipboard.

  • Control + Mouse wheel

    Holding the control key in these windows and scrolling the mouse wheel up or down will increase or decrease the font of the tree part of the window. This change is temporary and will be discarded if you restart the window.

  • Control + Down Arrow

    Decreases the font size of the tree. The change is temporary and will be discarded when you restart the window.

  • Control + Up Arrow

    Increases the font size of the tree. The change is temporary and will be discarded when you restart the window.

  • Control + Shift + Left-Mouse

    Moves the Main/Channel window if the title bar has been removed. Alt+F4 to close window.

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