Windows Client 64bit first release - Version 3.0.3.Alpha.8

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Flagship Industries is pleased to announce the first public version of the Ventrilo 64bit (x64) client for all Microsoft Windows 64bit platforms. At the time of this writing Windows 2003/64, XP/64 and Vista/64 have all been tested with this new client build.

This version of the client is compiled to support 64bit Windows OS’s natively instead of using the original 32bit version and being forced to use the WoW64 translation package. Make no mistake: This is a true 64bit version of the Ventrilo Windows client.

In fact, it is compiled from the exact same source code as the regular 32bit version of the Windows client. As it happens it took all of 4 hours of making a few tweaks to the 32bit code base in order to have it compile and run properly in 64bit mode. This alone is a testament to the quality of the Ventrilo client software. The major advantage to this is that we do not need to maintain two different code bases for the Windows client software. As we make changes to the 32bit build the 64bit build will pick them up automatically with each successive release.

All of us here are pleased to be leading the way in Group Communications Technology.


Brian Knapp
Flagship Industries, Inc.

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