Mandatory Server and Client update - Version 3.0.0

Flagship Industries is pleased to announce the official release of Version 3.0.0 of the Ventrilo voice communication system.

This release took a little longer than expected because the better part of a year was devoted to developing a functional version of the Ventrilo Macintosh client.

Version 3.0 includes some of the most asked for features, specifically those relating to User Access Rights and a higher level of granularity when assigning administration rights to channel admins.

The following is a short list of the new features. For a complete list please visit the Change Log found on the Download page, or you can click here: changelog.php

1) User Access Rights
2) Video Overlay
3) Per channel codecs
4) Private Text and Audio chat sessions
5) Voice targets
6) Commanding targets
7) New and improved event sounds
8) Easier to use Binds Editor

There are just too many to list. Please be sure to read the Change Log and scroll down to the Version 3.0.0 section.


Brian Knapp
Flagship Industries, Inc.


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