Ventrilo at QuakeCon 2006

It is my pleasure to announce that Flagship Industries will be hosting Ventrilo Pro servers at QuakeCon 2006, just like last year.

Servers will be available for both BYOC and Tournament events for the entire length of the convention.

We will be doing things a little differently this year so as to make it easier for everyone to login and use the servers. No more waiting for me to return to the NOC if I wasn't around before you could request a server.

As always it is a pleasure to be working with the people who make this incredible convention happen. Sitting in the NOC during QuakeCon 2005 I was able to see just how much time, effort and commitment goes into making this event come together.

Please visit the QuakeCon 2006 web site to learn more.

Don't forget to bring your microphone.


Brian Knapp
Flagship Industries, Inc.

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