Mac OSX client first release - Version 2.3.2.Prototype.6

Flagship Industries is pleased to announce the first public release of the official Ventrilo client for Mac OSX. Designed and developed by the same company that created the Ventrilo product line, Flagship Industries is totally committed to future development and suppport of the Macintosh client. This includes custom PowerPC and Intel (when available) architectures to fully optimize the online voice communication experience.

This Ventrilo client is compatible with all Version 2.3.x servers and is 100% interoperable with all 2.3.x Windows clients.

The Mac client is a functional prototype, meaning that it does not have all of the features that are currently available on the Windows platform. However, base functionality has reached the point so that the general public can begin using the program and provide feedback. Over the next several months we will release periodic updates to the Mac client as more features are added and as the new architecture is finalized. This will include Channel and Server admin features, sound events and changes to the User Interface.

While functional, this version is called a Prototype because the internal architecture is radically different from the Windows client and is currently evolving with each successive release. Once the architecture has been fully developed the program will enter the Beta stage. By the time this happens the Mac client should have most, if not all, of the features of the Windows client.

More screenshots can be found on the About page.

You can download the Ventrilo client from the Download page.

If you would like to check on the current state of the Ventrilo Mac client then you can either visit the Mac Status page or periodically check the Mac Client forum.


Operating system: OSX 10.3 or higher.
Processor: 1.0 GHz or higher.
Sound Input and Output device.


If you use the "line-in" port of your Macintosh then you must connect an externally amplified microphone. Otherwise you should consider purchasing a USB Microphone.

Since the Mac client is developed by the same company that created the Ventrilo product line, there is no need to worry about legal ambiguities or if the Mac client will continue to be developed and supported.

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