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NOTE: This is a preliminary document and still being worked on. More info will be added over the next few days.

Ventrilo 3.0 uses an advanced form of User Access Rights (UAR). While prior versions had UAR's they were very primitive in their usage and were used primarily for reserving the login name and assigning an account Server Admin.

Ventrilo is even more security conscious then before. While this might be a little confusing and a bit of a hassle during the initial upgrade from 2.3 to 3.0, you will begin to understand that it was well worth it and you would never want to go back. Just give it a few days and you'll understand. The following sections will help you to understand the new paradigm.

Owner Policy:

Ventrilo uses what is called an Owner policy. Rather then trying to lump accounts into pre-defined groups that have specific access rights and then trying to make exceptions to certain accounts, Ventrilo works on the concept that a server admin or an account with the "Add Users" right will accept responsibility for certain accounts. There are many benefits to this concept.

1) You can have one top level server admin, preferably the person who rents the server who is responsible for assigning other accounts with the "Add users" right.

2) These other users can add new accounts to the server. When they do the owner of the new account is the person that just created them. This "Add users" account will only see those accounts that they have created or ownership has been assigned to them. Consequently it falls on his shoulders to accept responsibility for the actions and behavior of the accounts they have created.

3) If you have multiple departments, organizations, teams or guilds that share a common server then one member of each organization can be given the "Add users" right. This person answers directly to the "Server Admin" and can be given sufficient power to manage his little slice of the server without interfering with another organization. Their level of access is dictated by the "Server Admin" provided the server admin does not assign the "Add users" account the "Server admin" right.

Reduced power Server Admin -> Login:

Prior versions of Ventrilo gave absolute power to anyone who knew the global server admin password. This has changed in version 3.0.

Just because you know the global server admin password doesn't mean you can do what ever want. But it will give you sufficient rights to open the User Editor window and be able to create a unique account on the server with your login name and unique password. This account can also be assigned the "Server Admin" right in addition to any other rights you would like your own account to have.

Guest accounts:

People who are new to your server would not have an account login name by default. This means they fall into the Guest account and will be assigned the rights as defined in the (Guest) account via the User Editor.

After you have created custom login names for those people you feel deserve their own account, you should consider turning off the following rights for guest accounts to prevent trouble makers from causing problems. Please note that the server will prevent you from assigning certain rights to the guest account as well.


Add phantoms
Ignore inactivity timers
Send complaints
Duplicate IP's = Do not allow


Broadcast to lobby
Broadcast User-to-User
Broadcast Cross Channel
Send TTS
Send Wave File Binds
Send Pages
Set Phonetic
Generate Comment Sounds
Event Sounds Conn/Disc
Initiate private chat
Use Equalizer

Channels can also be configured to prevent guest accounts from joining them. Or, you might let them join the channel but you don't want them to be able to transmit into the channel. This is controlled on a per-channel basis via the Channel Admin - Create and Edit menu options.

Server Properties:

The Server Properties window has several options that relate directly to Guest accounts that have side benefits. You can restrict the total number of guest accounts that are logged in at any given time. This is important if you have accounts that don't have the "In reserved list" right assigned to them. Its can also be useful if you run an open server and want to prevent the trouble makers from hijacking your server.

You can also enforce a time limit that a guest account can remain connected in addition to specifying an automatic timed ban preventing that guest account from coming back into your server.

Server Admin:

If your server was recently upgraded from 2.3 to 3.0 and you previously had an account on the server that also had the server admin right then you will still retain that right and a few other rights will have been automatically assigned to your account. However, there will be some rights that the upgrade process did not automatically assign to you. As server admin you can manually give your self these rights by opening the user editor, selecting your name and then enabling each right that you would like your account to have. Just press the "Update" button when you are done.

You should only assign the server admin right to those people you trust, or keep it for your self if you are the owner of the server. You can still give people very powerful rights without giving them Server Admin.

Important: Any "Server Admin" can edit any other "Server Admin".


???? Will expand on this later ????

Making room for logins:

If a all slots on the server are full you can still assign individual login accounts the right to automatically boot a less powerful account from the server in order to make room for them.

Each account can be assigned an "In reserved list" right. If this right is enabled for your account and the server is full then the server will search for any guest client and kick one of them first. If no guest client is found the server will then search for a client that does not have the reserved right set. If none of these are found the server will simply say that the server is full and to try again later.

If your account has the server admin right then the above search sequence will still happen but it will go one step further. It will search for a client that does not have the server admin right and then kick them as a last resort. This way server admin's can always get into the server.

Switch channels:

Each account, including Guest, has an option called "Switch channels" and if not checked the client will not be allowed to switch channels on his own. However, an admin with the "Move users" right can drag that user to any other channel if they have sufficient access rights for the source and destination channel channel, which is implied if he is a server admin.

This can be very beneficial if you want Guest accounts to be forced to a specific channel when they connect, such as one where the channels respective rights would be very limited, in order to prevent them from joining other channels that normal account users would have free reign to control what channel they are in.

Turn a public server into a private server with a few clicks:

Your server might be configured with no public password and open to anyone who wants to join, but sometimes it might be necessary to make your server private.

If you have assigned someone their own unique account then you are saying that they are a desired user. Otherwise everyone else falls into he Guest account category.

Rather then putting a password on your server and forcing it restart you can do the following:

Open the User Editor
Click on the (Guest) account
Click on the Network tab
Check the "Account is locked"
Provide a reason like "Private meeting, come back after 10pm "
Click the Update button

Your server is now private for as long as you want it to be. Every time a guest client tries to connect they will see the message you entered into the Reason and will be prevented from connecting to the server.

Bad Passwords:

Ventrilo is very sensitive to anyone who tries to use an invalid account password or the global server admin password. If you fail several times in a row the server will automatically ban you for X minutes and this number will become progressively larger. So make sure you have the right password before you try.

Unauthorized access:

Be advised that bad password attempts are logged. If you are trying to use the server admin password and you are not an authorized server admin then you could be facing legal action. As the saying goes: If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

If you have detected unauthorized access to your server then you should immediately contact the ISP for offending IP address and report them for abuse of a computer system. Be sure to give the date and time (including the time zone), what IP it came from, the IP/Port of you server, and any information you feel is relevant. Please be nice to the ISP's when reporting issues like this. "You can catch more flies with honey then you can with vinegar".

Any time someone uses the global Server Admin login their information will be logged if using a Pro server. If you suspect someone is abusing your server you can issue the following commands in the RCon window (provided your account has Server Admin and RCon rights). The text following the number is case sensitive.

This command will show all admin related attempts, good and bad.

loggrep 100 ADMIN:

This command will show all failed attempts to use the Server Admin -> Login menu option.

loggrep 100 CRITICAL

This command will show you all accounts who have logged in with the "Server Admin" right assigned to their account.

loggrep 100 AUTOADMIN




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