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Ventrilo is comprised of two parts: Server and Client.

Server 3.0 - Public version:

The public version of the Ventrilo 3.0 server can be used without a license fee, so long as you abide by the terms of the LICENSE. Each of the public servers contains a file named LICENSE and by downloading and running the server you are agreeing to the terms of this license.

Server 3.0 - Pro version:

The Pro version of the Ventrilo server can not be downloaded. It requires that we accept your application and that you sign and return the Ventrilo license. However, we do not license everyone.

In order for an applicant to be considered you must meet the following minimum requirements.

1) You must have a legitimate business license in your state, country or jurisdiction. Please be prepared to provide proof when requested.

2) You agree to a 1000 slot minimum. Slot counts greater then 1000 are billed at the per slot rate for the total number of slots hosted. Slot counts below 1000 are billed at the per slot rate with the required minimum of 1000 slots.

3) Licensee's slot counts are expected to grow on a regular basis.

We do not license individuals or businesses who wish only to run one or two standalone servers. In these cases you will need to rent a server from one of our official licensees on the hosting page.

If you do not meet these basic requirements then please contact us at sales@ventrilo.com to discuss other options.

If you do meet the basic requirements please send us an email at license@ventrilo.com and include the following information:

Business name.
Business address.
The full name of the business owner.
Your full name.
Your title in the company.
An official company phone number where you can be reached.
URL to company web site.
Official email contact address.
Number of employees.

Please include an explanation on how you intend to use the product and in what countries.

All license applications will be reviewed, however, due to the volume of applications we receive it may take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to process your request. It may take longer so please be patient.

Please note that not all applications will be approved.

Pro License FAQ:

Q) What is a slot?

A Ventrilo server is configured to handle X number of simultaneous client connections. "Slot" is a term used to describe a single client connection to a server.

Each server instance has an associated INI configuration file. This file contains an option called "MaxClients" that defines the total number of clients that can connect to it. This value from all other configured servers are used for calculating your total billable slot count.

Q) Why isn't everyone accepted?

We expect all licensee's to conduct them selves in a professional manner. Licensee's are expected to run their business like a business rather then a hobby. We are looking for businesses that demonstrate these characteristics and show the potential of being in business for a very long time.

Q) Can I buy an existing companies license?

No. The license is not transferable. Any attempt to transfer the license directly, indirectly or through the sale / merger / etc of the company will result in the immediate termination of the license and other possible legal damages as provided by the terms of the license.

Q) Can I host previous versions of the software until I obtain a license?

No. Hosting previous versions is not allowed. See the statement at the bottom of this page.

Q) Am I allowed to host the software for download from my web site?

No. Your download page must link to the official Ventrilo.com download page. Redistribution of any Ventrilo files is copyright fraud and strictly prohibited.


All client programs come with a license that must be accepted before installation. This license details the requirements for it's use.

Previous versions:

Anyone who provides access to a Ventrilo server that is not version 3.0 is committing fraud.

Since all official licensee's are required to run the latest 3.0 Pro servers then any hosting company providing you access to an older version of the server is subject to legal action and punitive damages. This will include, but not limited to, contacting all state / federal law enforcement agencies and requesting their assistance in a fraud investigation. If they are outside of the United States then their respective countries / jurisdiction law enforcement agencies will be contacted.

We would appreciate any information regarding hosting companies or individuals who are providing older servers. Please contact us at fraud@ventrilo.com. All correspondence will be kept confidential. Please include the URL of the offenders web site or the IRC network and channel. Please include any information possible such as the IP address and PORT number of a currently active Ventrilo server.



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